Transitional Housing: Exploring Safety

YouthCare residents at dinner

Safe. What a concept.

Homeless youth distrust adults because adults have given them good reason to. Transitional housing offers the chance to forge new, constructive relationships.

It's a place to learn to live with peers in a stable setting. Out there, when they weren't utterly alone, they had to form friendships and negotiate boundaries in survival mode. Now they get to work on things like rules for common areas, how to share a bedroom, when to reach out and when to give someone some space ... and self-care.

It isn't easy. It's a new road. Our first job is usually to convince them they're safe. Our goal? Give them a good place to leave well.

Minors in transitional housing must be pursuing education and/or training. Those 18 and above must be studying and/or working. Those working pay a portion of their monthly income in rent, which we hold for the day they move on.