The Bridge Continuum of Services for Sexually Exploited Youth

YouthCare's Bridge Program

This year in Seattle, 300–500 girls and boys will be bought and sold.

Unfortunately, the belief that child prostitution only happens “over there” is just the first of many popular misconceptions. The average age of entry into commercial sexual exploitation in this country is 14–15; these children have been found here as young as 11. Around 90% have a prior history of abuse, neglect, and/or sexual trauma. Now, facing violence from pimps and criminal charges from the legal system, it becomes increasingly difficult to exit this entrapment in horror.

YouthCare's Bridge Continuum is their best way out. It provides dedicated beds in emergency shelter to minors who have experienced sexual exploitation, as well as dedicated beds in transitional living programs to minors and young adults fleeing this abuse. We are also able to offer the specialized, wrap-around services these traumatized young people need — including intensive case management, counseling, education in the nation's first public school developed for sexually exploited youth, and employment training and paid internships. 

In addition, YouthCare operates the Bridge Collaborative in partnership with Auburn Youth Resources and Friends of Youth. Community Advocates provide case management, support, and resources and referrals to sexually exploited youth across King County. To reach a Community Advocate for 24/7 referral and services for youth and young adults ages 12-24, please call (855) 400-CSEC or email

This program was established through a historic partnership led by the City of Seattle and including municipal and county authorities, health professionals and other service providers, foundations, and private donors. This community collaboration is supported by Stolen Youth, Seattle Public Schools, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the Seattle Police Department, and local juvenile justice systems.

YouthCare has also trained hundreds of community members, law enforcement officials, government employees, service providers, and others on how to identify, respond to, and engage victims of sexual exploitation. For more information about training opportunities, please contact the Sexual Exploitation Training Coordinator at (206) 204-1408.

The Bridge Continuum is named for Jon Bridge and Justice Bobbe Bridge (retired), both tireless advocates for children’s welfare. It began operation in May 2010.