Safe Place

Safe Place is a program that quickly connects youth in crisis to help, through a network of local businesses designated as “Safe Places.” These resources help runaways resolve their crises and remain in a stable environment, safe from predators and with appropriate help.

A teen in crisis can call 1 (800) 422-TEEN to connect directly with a Safe Place Coordinator. Alternatively, a young person can ask for help at any of these locations (or from any Metro bus driver), and within 45 minutes a Safe Place Coordinator will arrive to provide assistance.

The program in King County is run by YouthCare, Nexus Youth & Families (Auburn Youth Resources), and Friends of Youth in partnership with local businesses and non-profit organizations that have volunteered to be “Safe Places.”

If you need help (ages 12-17):

Map of Safe Place Locations in King County

If you need a place to stay, you can go to any Safe Place site and say "I need a safe place." The staff will arrange for you to be met by a youth counselor who can help you find shelter or other services. You can also call Safe Place directly at 1 (800) 422-TEEN.

YouthCare also offers shelter and housing options for youth ages 12-24, as well as education, job training, case management, and more. Click here to learn more about our shelter, housing, employment, and education programs for young people.

Become a Safe Place:

Your business can help keep our community’s children safe by opening its doors as a Safe Place site, where young people know they can ask for help and wait for that help to arrive. As a Safe Place site, you will receive free training and support, and join the nearly 18,000 businesses and communities nationwide serving as Safe Places.

Download the FAQ about becoming a Safe Place.

For more information, contact YouthCare's Safe Place Coordinator at (206) 204-1405 or


King County Safe Place Providers