Youth and Family Connection Network

Case management at YouthCare

YouthCare’s Youth and Family Connection Network (YFCN) provides case management services to youth/young adults who are experiencing homelessness or are in a crisis that could lead to homelessness, with a goal of engaging the caring adults in the youth’s lives. YFCN’s case managers help youth to engage with the natural supports in their lives and to stabilize in a safe environment, whether that be the family home or another positive living situation.

Working with youth and young adults ages 12-25, YFCN services support young people in identifying goals, addressing housing instability, and developing positive communication and problem-solving skills within their families. Achieving permanent, stable housing is a key component of our work, as is ensuring that youth are families are connected to appropriate community resources.

Our vision for every youth who walks through our doors is an independent and healthy adulthood, and that includes having a network of caring adults who can help them navigate challenging moments and celebrate the successful times. Through YFCN, we help families and youth engage with each other to ensure lasting support for the young person.

YouthCare operates YFCN in partnership with Nexus Youth & Families (Auburn Youth Resources) and Friends of Youth. To learn more or enroll, please call (206) 792-5558 email


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YFCN receives funding from King County.