Barista Training and Education Program

YouthCare's barista program

This being Seattle, knowing how to make a good cup of coffee is a highly marketable skill. Our Barista graduates find work to build a future on because they've learned that and a whole lot more.

After being abused and rejected — at home or on our streets — it isn't easy to take a position that demands you be outgoing. Experience teaches homeless youth to be rightly wary. Even the most confident find the situation a shock. They've all had their confidence undermined, to say the least.

Through its partnership with FareStart, YouthCare offers these young people a safe place to identify and develop the same personal traits and instincts that help any young person succeed in the hard work that is service and sales. Yes, they acquire skills at the machine: the grind, the tamp, the latte art. More important, they learn how to deal with the difficult customer. They discover camaraderie. They begin their apprenticeship in the fine art of making someone feel welcome and comfortable.

How little they've known that themselves, before now.

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The Barista Training and Education Program is provided in partnership with FareStart receives funding from the City of Seattle, among other generous funders.