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Education and Employment Training

These young people haven’t just lost time, they’ve lost ground. They need to move forward.

Life is waiting. Few are prepared. On the streets, they may have spent months or even years without seeing the inside of a classroom. Many had their education disrupted long before they became homeless. If they still have any self-confidence, it’s a miracle.

Just like any young person, they want and have a right to quality education, but getting them back on track academically is no easy task. It calls for educators who understand what they’ve been through and are still going through — and education programs that are carefully and caringly designed to meet the particular needs of this population. At YouthCare, these include GED preparation, high school enrollment, and college access.

Meanwhile, homeless youth have been cut off from the normal social contacts that inform a young person about how the world works — including the working world. Being rejected and feeling isolated and invisible don’t set one up very well for the challenges and opportunities of finding and holding a job. In fact, eager as these young people are to become self-supporting adults, the mere idea of writing a resume or going to an interview can be overwhelming.

Studies show that receiving pre-employment training and acquiring actual job skills makes all the difference for these young people. Our employment training programs help prepare them to do what every young person should have a chance to do: grasp opportunities, meet challenges, and succeed.