Outreach, Basic Services, Emergency Shelter

“I had heard there were people like this. I just hadn’t met any.” — Former YouthCare client

Victims of abuse and neglect at home; failed by foster care and other overworked support systems; subject to invisibility, violence, and exploitation on the street … understandably enough, most of these youth don't have a lot of trust left in them. Many struggle with chemical dependency and mental health issues. All are living in chaos.

Those who come to our drop-in center — on their own, or because we’ve found them through street outreach — will get a hot meal, a chance to take a shower, and a little time to relax before they head out again. A lucky few will get a bed with us for the night.

For a homeless youth, outreach and basic services and emergency shelter mean survival. For YouthCare, they mean an opportunity to engage. We get to know these young people, gain their trust, and show them a path out of chaos — toward stability and, ultimately, a chance to rebuild shattered lives.