2015 Individual Support

2015 Impact Report Cover

We are incredibly grateful for the generous support that we receive from our community. Thank you to the following individuals and family foundations that supported YouthCare in 2015:

$ 50,000+

Anonymous (1)
Steve and Connie Ballmer

$25,000 - $49,999

Justice Bobbe Bridge (Ret.) and Jon Bridge
Lenore Hanauer
Anna Belle Kritser II Foundation
Nancy and Warren Smith

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (3)
Richard and Sarah Barton
Thomas and Sonya Campion
Bill and Paula Clapp
Erin and Greg Coomer
Mark and Christina Dawson
The Family Home Foundation
Gibson Family Foundation
Elizabeth Hebert
Marlan Kay
Sarah Merner and Craig McKibben
Julia Love Pritt Family Fund
Fred R. Smith
Helen Stusser
Donald and Debra Wise

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (2)
Drew Besse
Justin Cutter
Ren Dietel
Joseph and Marty Dunn
Michael and Lynn Garvey
Val and Greg Gorder
Bill Haggerty and Julie Schott
Karen Jones and Erik Rasmussen
Jane and Peter Lamb
Elizabeth Martin
Charlotte Merritt
Barton Shilvock and Randi Sibonga
Dorothy Stimpson
Denise and Mark Tabbutt
Robin and Margarita Walker

$2,500 - $4,999

Anonymous (2)
Teri Akin
Kenny and Marleen Alhadeff
Timothy and Nerissa Beaver
Jill  and Marc Beck
Eleanor Bell and Ben Trelease
Molly and Brad Belvo
Kathy Berman and Raymond Goodwin
John Brazel
Mary Brodd
Brookshire Green Foundation
Glo Ceteznik
Annie Chae
Andrew Cole
Ruth Danner
Robert Ford
Frazier Family Foundation
Chris Gaspard
Veronica and John Gates
Jacqueline Gehlen
Raymond Goodwin and Kathy Berman
David Gordon
William Gould
Frank Greer and Stephanie Solien
Richard Hansen
Hilen Foundation
Andrew Hurst
Michael and Marybeth Johnston
Adrienne Kosewicz
J.D. and Shanna Kritser
Stella Laurenzo
Vicki Leslie
Daniel and Katherine Lessler
John and Cristi Ludwig
Benjamin Lynch
Marcia Mason
Colleen and Clyde McQueen
Mary Olsen
Emmett Omar
Maya Opavska and Rudy Opavsky
Robert Overell
Michael and Kathryn Pizzo
Tom Rasmussen and Clayton Lewis
Barbara Ray
Nancy and Craig Shumate
Amanda Speed and Eileen Petralia
Lisa Strain and Clark Kokich
Hugh and Linda Straley
M3 and Lisa Sweatt
Matt Turetsky and Molly Sandvick
Andrea Voytko and David Glazer
Chris Walker
Liz Wall and Deb Smucker
Jerrod Wheeler
Ann H. Williams Charitable Foundation
Merrily Wyman and Karen Bryant

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (9)
Carl Albrecht
Aaron and Emily Alhadeff
Roger Atlas
Michael Bales
Becky and Brett Barker
Nick Beard and Lisa Lawrence Beard
Christie and Todd Biesold
Jennifer Bisson and Rob Bender
William and Meredith Blau
Joseph Bocek
Elisabeth Bottler
Alan Boyd and Mimi Pierce
Tony Bray
Kelly Brennan
Rachel Brooks and Kevin Connolly
Eric Brown and Margaret Huchting
David and Pamela Burgess
DeeAnn Burman
Denise and David Busby
Melissa Bush
Dave Campbell
Jane Caron
Betty Carter
Amy Carter
Michael Cavaliere
Wanderley M. Ceschim
Eric Chadwick
Deborah Champion
Namcy Chan
Stacy and Marty Chilberg
Kelly Clark
Aaron and Nuria Coe
Brandi Cohen
Christen Coomer and Zach Hooker
Susan L. Coskey
David Cosman
David Coyle and Kirsten Spoljaric
William and Susanne Daniell
Kathleen and Randy Davis
Tad Davis
Thomas Davis
Sarah Dean
Katherine DeForest Evans and Jon Evans
J.D. and Cecile Delafield
Jamie and Carl Dombek
Timothy Donlan
William Donnelly
Yarrow Durbin and Stephanie Van Dyke
Camilla Eckersley
Peggy and Allan Elenbaas
Kevin Engle
Nicole and Tim Engle
John E. Ernest
Bob Evans and Steve Davis
Katie and the Fancher Family
Julie Ferris and Joshua Sherman
Jane and Stanley Fields
Patty and Steve Fleischmann
JoAnn and Barry Forman
Addy Froehlich and Joe Demers
Carole Fuller and Evan Schwab
Jeffrey Fuller
Niki and Raymond Gagner
Katharyn Gerlich
Lynn and Bruce Gibson
Greg and Lanice Gillard
Steven and Anne Gillis
Amy Gipson
Nick and Elaine Glant
Martha Goelzer and Larry Felser
Mike and Linda Grady
Alan Greenstein and Laura Tranin
Jennifer Guild
Richard Haggerty
Sean Hallock and Jody Waits
Steven Haluschak
Phyllis Hatfield
Leonard Henzke and Nicole Davis
Jean and William Higgins
Drew and Lily Hilen
James and June Hill
Patricia Hoffer
Frank and Dolores Holberg
James Horazdovsky and Anne Paulson
William Horder
Tova Hornung
Michael and Karen Howard
Lauren Hudspeth and Steve Singer
Mike Hurt
Adam Hutchinson
Governor Jay and Trudi Inslee
Christina and John Jacobs
Anu and Naveen Jain
Christen and Brian Jeans
Laura and Mark Jennings
Cassie and Jeremey Johnson
Brian Johnston and Julie Bledsoe
Carol and Charles Jung
Rachel Katzenellenbogen and Bernard Mansavage
Julie Kebler
Daphna Khen
Reiley and Deborah Kidd
Kristin Knight
Douglas Laudenschlager
Angela Leja
Robert and Christyn Levy
Tom Lewandowski
Brian and Jaime Lewis
Michelle Lewis
Mary Lonien and Sandra Smith
Helene Madonick
Mary and Pat Mahoney
James and Sheila Mallahan
Margaret and Brad Marshall
Helen Matzger and David Anderson
Nicholas McFarland
T.J. McGill
Sandy McKenna
Joe and Jill McKinstry
Nancy McManamin and Michael Peterson
Pamela Merriman
Donald and Pamela Mitchell
David Mobley
Laura and Chuck Moore
Boyd and Randi Morrison
Philip Morrissey
Alison Moss
Ken Mostow and Martha Straley
Bruce Moynagh and Rick Reed
Peter and Lindsay Murphy
Tom and Kara Neary
Craig and Roberta Nelson
Christopher and Jory Noble
Sarah Noblitt
Jesse Noffsinger and Abigail Daane
Joan Ostendorff
Eli Patten
Jennifer Payne
Sandra Perkins
Linda Perlstein
Melody Peterson
Ellen Phillips
Prairie Underground
Susan Pray
Christopher and Rebecca Prosser
Zachary Quillen
Ellen and Scott Ramsey
James Richards
Bret Richmond
Sarah and Ryan Riden
Annette and Chuck Robinson
Brett and Rebecca Robinson
Michael Romero
Mark Russo
Katherine Saltanovitz and Tan Mau Wu
Karlla and Michael Sander
Lisa Kjaer-Schade and Scott Schade
Scott Schaeffer
Terry Scheihing and Ben Kramer
Ali David Seals
Ruby Seiwerath
Diane and Chris Shambaugh
Adam M. Shapiro and Jessica Goldman
Heidi Shelton
Nick Sherbina
Jessica and Bill Sherry
Peter and Penny Simkin
Shane Skinner
Sam Skrivan and Serena Maurer
Trudi Slater
Greg and Mimi Slyngstad
Blair Smith
Karen and Kevin Smith
Mark and Suzanne Solomon
Roy Sorensen
Scott Southwood
Helen and Stacy St. John
Thomas and Diane St. John
Bill Steckel
Dorothy and Hank Stephens
Kate and Barbara Stone
Ben and Kari Straley
Annette Strand and Tim Groggle
Daniel Temkin
Diane Terry
Christopher Tezak
Lynn and Mikal Thomsen
Sally and Sedge Thomson
Jennifer and Andrew Ting
Daniel Titcomb
Lauren and Matthew Tucker
Barbara and Alvin Umphenour
Case van Rij
Betty and Mark Vanderveen
Catherine Verrenti
Ray and Amy Villanueva
Michael Ward
Geir Watland and Mary Hammons
Linda and Julian Whatley
Colleen Williams
Shirley and Scott Wilson
Miles Yanick and Lis Yaroschuk