2014 Individual Support

YouthCare's 2014 Annual Report

We are incredibly grateful for the generous support that we receive from our community. Thank you to the following individuals and family foundations that supported YouthCare in 2014:


Steve and Connie Ballmer
Elisabeth Bottler
The Folley Family Foundation


Jon and Bobbe Bridge
Thomas and Sonya Campion
Lenore Hanauer
Anna Belle Kritser II Foundation


Anonymous (2)
Bill and Paula Clapp
Erik Cullen and Laurie Alexander
The Family Home Foundation
Marlan Kay
Terry Miller and Debra Shank Miller
Barton Shilvock and Randi Sibonga
Fred R. Smith


Anonymous (3), Tana Anderson, Erin and Greg Coomer, Thomas M Dannenfelser Estate, Mark and Christina Dawson, Scott and Victoria Eskenazi, Michael and Lynn Garvey, Veronica Gates, Jacqueline Gehlen, Michael and Linsey Gibbons, Greg and Val Gorder, Dana Harchuck, Anu and Naveen Jain, Michael Johnston, Karen Jones and Erik Rasmussen, Peter and Jane Lamb, Elizabeth Martin, Charlotte Merritt, Briannon Schaeffer, Sessions Family Foundation, Jim and Jan Sinegal, Mark and Denise Tabbutt, Chris and Tim Vander Mey, Betty and Mark Vanderveen, Veterane Family Foundation, Robin and Margarita Walker, Liz Wall and Deb Smucker, Elliot Wilson, Donald and Debra Wise 


Anonymous (1), Teri Akin, Eleanor Bell, Kathy Berman and Raymond Goodwin, Drew Besse, Bishop Fleet Foundation, Brookshire Green Foundation, Angelo Calfo, Edmond F. Ducommun Foundation, Jennifer and Jonathan Fisher, Lynn and Bruce Gibson, Greg and Lanice Gillard, Raymond Goodwin and Kathy Berman, William Gould, Frank Greer and Stephanie Solien, Hornung Family Foundation, Vicki Leslie, Marcia Mason, Wendy Nakatsukasa-Ono, Maya Opavska and Rudy Opavsky, Robert Overell, Hugh and Linda Straley, Chris Strand, Lynn and Mikal Thomsen, Jennifer and Andrew Ting


Anonymous (5), Kathleen Albrecht and Peter McCormick, Aaron and Emily Alhadeff, Kenneth and Marleen Alhadeff, James Andrews, Mike Antkowiak, Laura and David Argilla, Roger Atlas and Christa Bormann-Atlas, John and Valerie Backus, Michael Bales, Nick Beard and Lisa Lawrence Beard, Beardsley Family Foundation, David and Joanna Beitel, Yvonne Belshaw, Molly and Brad Belvo, William and Meredith Blau, John Brazel, Donald and Darcy Bulkley, Peter Bullard, Felecia Caldwell, Jane Caron, Betty Carter, Michael Cavaliere, Glo Ceteznik, Jan Chalupny and Mark Lee, Stacy and Marty Chilberg, Aaron and Nuria Coe, Bruce and Lynn Coffey, Brandi Cohen, Susan L. Coskey, David Cosman, Abigail Daane and Jesse Noffsinger, Thomas Davis, Jill and Matt Deasy, Katherine DeForest Evans and Jon Evans, William Donnelly, Chad and Trishelle Edwards, Yasmin Elbaradie, Erin Ellingson, Tim and Nicole Engle, Joan Enticknap, Birte and James Falconer, Kim and Katie Fancher, Heide and Matthew Felton, Jacinta Fitzgerald, Steve and Patty Fleischmann, Robert Ford, Carole Fuller, Niki and Raymond Gagner, Steven and Anne Gillis, Martha Goelzer and Larry Felser, David Gordon, Beau and Julie Gould, Hanouf and Russell Grandinetti, Jeff and Judy Greenstein, Jennifer Guild, Bill Haggerty and Julie Schott, Steven Haluschak, Mary Hammons and Geir Watland, Chris Hansen, Richard Hansen, Joel Hanson, Ryan and Kathryn Harnetiaux, Dinah Hartley and Jonica Keel, Brian Heagler, Lucy Henderson, Wanda Herndon, Heika Hibbert, James and June Hill, Joseph Hill, Patricia Hoffer, Frank and Dolores Holberg, James Horazdovsky and Anne Paulson, Michael and Karen Howard, Robert Howie and Maria Milano, Cassie and Jeremey Johnson, Brian Johnston and Julia Bledsoe, Julie Jones and Chris Hartinger, Linda Josephson, Carol and Charles Jung, Colleen Kays, Julie Kebler, Reiley and Deborah Kidd, Quentin King and Glen Kriekenbeck, Kristin Knight, Clark Kokich and Lisa Strain, Adrienne Kosewicz, Douglas Laudenschlager, Stella Laurenzo, Dawn Lepore, Michelle Lewis Kim, Szelyn Lim, Jeff and Kathleen Lindenbaum, Christian Lindhjem, Mary Lonien and Sandra Smith, Jane and Fritz Loura, Julie Lyss and David Loren, Lisa Madland, Helene Madonick, Gary and Mary Madson, Marissa Marcelo and Sean Boyd, Will Marsh, Sandy McKenna, Hedda McLendon and Alison Miller, Alex McMillan Family Foundation, Colleen and Clyde McQueen, John and Ginny Meisenbach, Susan Meissner, Janis Mercker, Steve and Libby Miller, Richard and Diane Mitchell, David Mobley, Mark Monroe, Chuck and Laura Moore, Philip Morrissey, David Moskovitz, Bruce Moynagh and Rick Reed, Lindsay and Peter Murphy, Tom and Kara Neary, Chelsea Nelson, Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom, Ignatius Ohno Foundation, Emmett Omar, Deborah Paul, Valerie Payne, Nicole Pearce and William Milligan, Sandra Perkins, Scott and Ellen Ramsey, Councilmember Tom Rasmussen and Clayton Lewis, Linda and Steven Reichenbach, James Richards, Annette and Chuck Robinson, Arthur and Ellen Rubinfeld, Wendy and Stockton Rush, Chris Saitta, Katherine Saltanovitz and Tan Mau Wu, Karlla and Michael Sander, Amy Schottenstein and  Justin Magaram, Earl and Charyl Sedlik, Amy and C.B. Shamah, Craig and Nancy Shumate, Peter and Penny Simkin, Larry and JoAnn Sims, Carolann Sinclair, Shane Skinner, Sam Skrivan and Serena Maurer, Nancy and Warren Smith, Roy Sorensen, Amanda Speed and Eileen Petralia, Thomas and Diane St. John, Ronald Stanke and Julie Sarkissian, Susie and Phil Stoller, Katherine Stone, Ben and Kari Straley, Annette Strand, Ryan Sullivan, M3 Sweatt and Lisa Bernard, Daniel Temkin, Matthew Turetsky and Molly Sandvick, Clarice Turner and Rob Cherry, Barbara and Alvin Umphenour, Case van Rij, Andrea Voytko and David Glazer, Deidra Wager, Jody Waits, Stephen Walston, Mira Wellington, Michael Widmer, Ann Williams, Colleen Williams, Scott and Shirley Wilson

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. Please contact info@youthcare.org to report any errors or omissions.