2012 Annual Report

In 2012, we saw a heightened awareness and understanding in our community when it comes to youth homelessness.  A collaborative working group of service providers, government agencies, and funders came together to create the “Priority Action Steps to Prevent and End Youth/Young Adult Homelessness” in King County. As a key member of the working group, YouthCare made significant investments to align its services with the three priority strategies the working group identified: Coordinated Engagement, Prevention, and Data Management.

We saw the community rally around YouthCare’s work with homeless youth. A record number of volunteers helped us meet the needs of our young people by preparing and serving meals, tutoring, teaching life skills, participating in career panels, and helping to keep our facilities clean.  And our annual luncheon broke the 1,000 attendee mark and set a new record for fundraising.

We are particularly proud of both our organization’s and our community’s commitment to and investment in the area of prevention.   Our partners have allowed us to effectively intervene to prevent a young person ever having to spend a night on the streets. Youth know they can call 1 (800) 422-TEEN to get connected to our Safe Place program, and Care Coordinators are deployed to local schools to help young people at risk of homelessness stay in school and off the streets.

But these working groups, volunteer projects, and strategic investments only have meaning because of the engagement of the young people we serve. When they are given both opportunity and support to take the next step, they thrive. Whether it’s the youth who call our residential houses home, the young people who started down a career path in an internship last year, or the individuals who enrolled in case management, eager to work on goals like housing and education, we see them moving forward and couldn’t be prouder.

We hope that as you read this 2012 annual report, you will be struck by the incredible potential of the young people we serve, and all they are accomplishing thanks to their strength and resiliency, the support of YouthCare, and the generosity and commitment of this community.

Download the 2012 Annual Report